The Calais Refugee Camp:

So a few weeks back we visited the Calais and Dunkirk Camps. We were able to film some of the people who live and work there and the realities they face...

The Jungle

Is always an eye opener to go to place much reported on the news, to see and experience for yourself. Visiting Calais and the illegal refugee camp was very challenging. It has been an privilege to capture the thoughts of some of the refugees and workers from the camp, and piece together part of their story. Full edit coming soon. 

San Diego

Stoked to make the official selection for the San Diego Film Festival for our short 'The Joy of Surfing' next month. 

Saltrock Spring Videos

Here are a few of the videos floating through from the Saltrock Spring 2016 shoot... 

Saltrock Spring 2016

It's that time of year again where we were shooting for Saltrock's Spring/Summer clothing range for 2016! Videos dropping soon.