The Joy of Surfing

So this has been a wee while in the making. A short documentary on what surfing and the ocean means to surfers. It tracks a variety of people from Cornwall all the way to California. Featuring Reubyn and Joss Ash, two of the best surfers in the UK, across the pond we worked with two of the best long boarders in the world, Troy Mothershead and Mick Rodgers as well as Bing Surfboard shaper Matt Calvani - their is even a cameo appearance from the legendary Joel Tudor and son Tosh Tudor. The film also features charity Life Works, who do amazing work with disabled children. 

We hope you enjoy :) 


Stoked to finish editing a show reel for DuPont's event. Piecing together existing footage from 16 videos to create a seamless show real.

In My Head

Here are the finished Jelz Music Videos, to provide a solid platform for ongoing talks with Sony and Radio 1. 

Look Books:

Here are two videos for the Saltrock 2015/16 Autumn/Winter clothing range. Including shorter product videos for the website as seen below:

London Surf Film Festival

 Delighted to be up for the mid week event for the London Surf Film festival, talking about the film we made for Saltrock, that made the official selection for the festival.

Wave Project:

We took some more pictures at the Waveproject on the weekend. Wave Project provide surf lessons to kids going through certain challenges. Lots of heartwarming moments all round.

Saltrock Lookbook

A fun few days shooting Saltrocks new lookbook video for their AW15 clothing range. Videos to follow soon.


At the beginning of October we were blessed to sunny days and waves.


Stoked to make the shortlist for the London Surf Film Festival and onto the big screen! The film was commissioned to by Saltrock. Happy days...

London Surf Film Festival Shortlist

We have also been stoked to have our short film made for Saltrock, Officescape longlisted for the London Surf Film Festival. It has provided a great platform for the video and Saltrock.

It is always fun to track the views of the video. In one week we have seen views from literally across the world. Ranging across almost 100 countries, with notable entries from Iraq, Guatemala and even Azerbaijan! The amazing tool of technology is making this planet so much more inter connected, and creating a global stage. 

Daily Pics

 Has been enjoyable starting our daily pics on instagram and Facebook,  capturing North Devon and its varying moods and seasons ! There is beauty in it all.

Track with us:


Here and There

Stoked to finish off this edit for Jack Unsworth and in time to make  the long list for The London Surf Film Festival... enjoy !

London | Thailand | The Shire

This Summer we have been delighted to be able to film weddings in London, Thailand and the good ole Shire (Devonshire)! It is always a great privilege to capture a couples most important of days. 

In the coming month or so, we will look forward to presenting our full show reel. We can't wait! Stay tuned.

Croyde View Festival 2015

Stoked to make a little edit for Saltrock and Croyde View 
Festival, was super fun  with one of the best locations around.

Lunch time Views

We are very lucky to live in North Devon (England), where a five minute drive can offer you a lunch time view like this...

I'll take that :)

Jack Unsworth

Dream team Jack Unsworth and super Dad Rich Unsworth approached us to make a little show piece film for Jack. We worked it so we filmed Jack in California and sunny Saunton, England. 

Jack is 17 years old and a very gifted long boarder. Keep you eyes peeled both in and out the line up ! 

Croyde View Festival

Location, location, location... Croyde View Festival 2015 (sponsored by Saltrock) certainly had that. Super fun capturing the day for an online photo gallery and short film. A super fun festival with the best view in the shire!


Very excited to be shooting with Jelz this week in and around London for his single 'In my Head'. Jelz is from South London and is very talented rapper/musician. Watch this space...


Each day is unique. Every person is unique and the coming together of two people is very unique! We were delighted to be able capture Chris and Emily's wedding at the weekend. A special and exclusive service at the top of Ilfracombe harbour. 

Here at Ruwac Productions we realise that each wedding is unique and are big believers in offering an exclusive and boutique service to each couple on there most special of days. 

Surfer Girls !

Stoked to be doing some work with Saltrock shooting a girl lifestyle surf short. Here is a little screen grab from the beautiful conditions.

Love in Thailand

In Thailand the Water Lily opens as the sun shines upon it, revealing its beauty and fragrance. It is a beautiful flower and a stunning location for a wedding. We were delighted to be able film the wedding of Richard and Leanne Hall in Thailand. A magical place and day. We look forward to showing you the special day soon. In the mean time here are a few screen grabs from the editing booth... 


On 'The Other Side' of the sea are… estuaries ! Often peaceful places, left alone by most. This edit captures the beauty & solitude of one of my favourite places in North Devon, that combines with the begining of Spring :) 

Was stoked to be able to capture it, hope you enjoy ...

Music: Chicane
Track: Barefoot (Music not owned)
Filmed and Edited: S.Cotter

A Ruwac Production

If you are looking to make a short film, please get in touch

Winter Waves

Back in the heart of winter I was fortunate enough to be a part of a little Nineplus road trip to Scotland. Pursuing waves, good times and some promo bits and bobs for Nineplus' future season brochures, website and social media.  

Evening Port

So following on from our first little surf vid (A Day With the Port Glass) is Evening Port ! Here Joel goes into a bit more depth on the thinking behind his board called the Port Glass, whilst flying about the coasts of Cornwall and Devon... enjoy !

Filmed and Edited: S.Cotter

A Ruwac Production 



Dartmoor is a beautiful & rugged place, that we are so lucky to have nearby to capture some of its beauty.

photo | S.Ben-Achour

The Finer Finish

A fine art and a fine craft. The serious business of shaping pieces of foam to float on moving bits of energy... :)

Here, the fine trail left by Matt Calvani & Co at Bing Surfboards.