Water shooting

Was in the water the other month, continuing to build for our upcoming project with Joel and his custom surfboard designs... and yes water shooting is a lot colder than it looks! Here are a few stills of the action...

More to follow soon!

Air Time

'One Average Day' was our second (short) film, and we were stoked with the response and coverage it received from around the world. Here are a few snippets...

'One Average Day'

James Parry came up for a mornings surf the other month. With Joel in the water filming, we were stoked with what we came out with considering the conditions. This was all filmed within a 2 hour window. 

The title is a play on 'One California Day' surf film... only we were filming in the UK, where conditions were not very Californian! James was riding his proto type board that he has been working on with Matt Calvani from Bing. As you can see it goes pretty well, even in average conditions. 

The music is from unsigned artist Levi Rai (or Michael Rai), based from Texas. We really like how the song caught the mood of the session. As often the average days with the average waves, can be just as fun as the rest.

We hope you enjoy. 

James Parry

Working with Nineplus, we spent a morning with James Parry to start building for our next project. We had Joel in the water with his 'magic wand'!  Here are a few snippets...

stayed tuned

London Surf Film Festival

Stoked to make it onto the long list for the London Surf Film Festival. Feel free to support on the link here.


Photo shoot for Nineplus:

We did a few photos for Nineplus' UK operations the other day. Capturing the store and one of their sponsored surfers James Parry at the local beach Saunton Sands.

Port Glass Exposure

So we have been stoked and thankful with the exposure for  'A Day with a Port Glass' (our debut film). Ending up on some major surf sites around the world... from America to Brazil, Scandinavia to the UK and even Japan! Here are some snippets... 

The Port Glass | Part I

On the rugged coast of North Devon can be discovered Joel and his shaping hut. We found him heading out to his local spot and decided to tag along, curious by his new board called 'the Port Glass'. Joel describes it as a high performance eco evolution of the mini simmons, made from eco resin. 



So this is the first blog of Ruwac Productions that is up and away! A new venture... going where we want to, capturing what we are passionate about,  creating things that reflect the beauty we encounter.

We hope you enjoy tracking with us, hola if you need.  


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