Year Out !

As one year closes and another set to begin... we can often look back at the moments that we were thankful to be apart of, and the moments to come... Happy New Year!!

Ruarri Joseph

Was stoked to take photos at a cosy Ruarri Joseph gig in Croyde Village. A very talented artist, supported by the equally talented Lily and Meg. Was a special gig where you feel lucky to be there. Vive le music !


A gentle stroll down to Croyde low tide on the right day, can reveal some gems.. and even some barrels !


The Ash Brothers

Stoked to film with Bude brothers Joss and Reuben Ash, two 
of the best surfers in the UK, for our year long project.



Was great to be a part of the London Surf Film Festival 2014, and stoked to be short listed! Is a great coming together of all peops from the world of surfing. Well worth a drop in...

The Joy of Surfing

Life is full of its challenges, surprises and beauty. Last weekend we were stoked to be filming 'Life Works' in commencement of our year long project. 'Life Works' is a fantastic charity that supports children and young adults with learning difficulties.

Surfing brings much joy to all people, whether you are a professional surfer, free surfer, average surfer (!) or a soul surfer ! And we would say that there could not be found more joy as found in Polzealth. Here are a few screen shots from the weekend...

Life works.

London Votes

As mentioned, we are stoked to make the Longlist of the London Surf Film Festival with our video California Dreaming. If you did enjoy the video, we would appreciate if you could register a little vote for us on the link below, as is supposed to help. And do check out the other vids, are some beauts !! Vote by clicking here.

Film Festival

Was a pleasure to have some of our films shown at a local Pilton Film Festival. Showcasing varying filmmakers from the local area.  It is also always great to check out other film makers creation. One that we thought was particularly good was Samson & Delilah by Richard Crossman. If you have five minutes is a fun watch:

Evening shoot

Had a nice shoot down in the shire for a fine sunset session. Trying to get some surf footage for an upcoming show reel for Sony.

London Film Festival

So it is that time again for the London Film Festival. It is our second time of entering, where we were fortunate enough to get long listed last time. Is always a great get together of many diverse talents across the UK, in our common found joy of surfing!  


'In all things of nature there is something of the marvellous' 

Aristotle (322 BC)

California Dreaming

So this is our next little edit, filmed mainly out in California back in February. Has taken a little while to crisp this one in the oven! Enjoy...

"In the midst of one of Britains stormiest winters, surfer James Parry escapes to the dreamier side of the pond."

Surfer: James Parry
Music:  'Psalm Balm' by Eikon‘Young’ by Air Review 
Water shots: C.Sutton & M.Rodgers
Filming and Editing: S.Cotter
Support from: Nineplus

A Ruwac Production

Store Opening

Nineplus recently opened a new store in Newquay (England), which use to be a bank! The link to the film Point Break ( of surfers taking over banks!) was to good to turn down. So we made a little vid of some of the action. Enjoy!


Hollywood is quite the town... 
flowing with dreams and many a thing 

“He could see the honey, he could smell the honey, 
but he couldn’t quite reach the honey.” 

Thought for the Weekend

Jim Carrey... a man of many faces! Quite literally. We often only think of Jim Carrey as a funny man, not necessarily one to provide moving insights on life. So when we came across this video, we were taken aback at Jim Carrey's openness and insightfulness in pursuing your passion. So... we would recommend sitting back with your beverage of choice, and soaking in many of his applicable key points. One for the dreamers...

James Parry take II (California!!!)

So we have been stoked to connect with James Parry again, but this time in the warmer climates of California ! A little edit is crisping up nicely in the oven, soon to be available for your viewing pleasure.

Mr Rodgers


So this is our latest little edit. Filmed back in February, we were able to grab a few mornings filming Mick Rodgers whilst in California. Mick had just finished working with Matt Calvani from Bing on his new model, suitability called 'Mr Rodgers Model'. Enjoy.

Filming Mr Rodgers

Has been a pleasure to work to with Mick Rodgers on an upcoming short film. Will be stoked to get the edit out soon for your viewing opticals.

Winter Walks

Walking around in Winter we often come across 'dead' trees and barren land. All submerged beneath the grip of winter, waiting for the call of Spring to bring forth the dormant into life. 

Spring will soon be here.

The Desert

 We have been enjoying the desert in California... 
burning logs, sipping beers and watching stars.